Linda Lindquist

Courageous Thinking Inc. CEO and Founder, Linda Lindquist’s greatest passion is creating success in others.

For 25 years she has facilitated 100s of CEOs, entrepreneur leaders and their teams to successfully navigate change. She ferociously stands with people to do the hard work of asking tough questions in order to shine a light on the truth.

As a world champion sailor, Linda has blazed trails in the all-male world of offshore yacht racing, sailing on more than 100 teams in the past 30+ years.

Linda thrives in high-risk, stretch-goal team environments. Combining her athletic and business expertise, she knows that the only path to continuous improvement is when teams engage in consistent process to achieve strategic clarity, break through conflict and create alignment. It takes courage and trust, but the payoff is worth it – winning.

We teach you HOW to think, not what to think.

EOS Professional Implementer
Strategy, Clarity & Alignment
Performance Continuous Improvement
Building Bridges, Diversity


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Linda Lindquist

Linda Lindquist
513 Broadway | Newport, RI 02840
+1 312-560-1168 | Skype: lindalindquist-bishop
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