NAVIGATING From Mountain A to Mountain B

Where are you NOW?

  • At the top of Mountain A reveling in your achievements?
  • Staring down into the valley of the unknown?
  • Gazing toward Mountain B- excited about a defined or undefined future?

1. Mountain A
A lifetime of struggle and achievements and you know sit at this moment of ‘success’.   Is it enough? if not –            What is  NEXT?

2. Mountain B
You can see – ‘Over there’- your next adventure, passion or goal.   It might be crystal clear, fuzzy or completely undefined – but it IS out there.

3. The Challenge
There is no gondola between the top of Mountain A and the top of Mountain B. To achieve your vision you must choose to go DOWN into the Valley and start the journey up – again.

4. Fear
Everyone experiences some level of fear of the unknown when looking down into the valley. What do you have to give up when you leave Mountain A?   It might be a job, customers, markets, title, community, friends, possessions– even where you live.

5. Valley- The gift
The valley is where the good work gets done to equip you for your next journey.   There you:

  • Gain and learn how to maintain perspective as the basis of decision making
  • Develop new skills and acquire new tools
  • Meet new people who become mentors and guides
  • Gain confidence and trust in yourself and potentially a new team
  • Identity clarification and alignment
  • Build Structure for the next phase of growth / experience

And in the valley is the gift of time compression. As you gain perspective on how, what and who got you to the top of Mountain A – you are able to significantly decrease your time to success up Mountain B.

All work is done through process.
All GREAT work is done through GREAT process.

Thomas G. Paterson
EOS Professional Implementer
Strategy, Clarity & Alignment
Performance Continuous Improvement
Building Bridges, Diversity

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Navigating Change

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