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Courageous Mindset = High performance Success

What are the outcomes of High Performance Coaching?

  • Accelerates Transformation toward your vision, goals & values
  • Creates accurate awareness of your skills & gifts
  • Unleashes FLOW
  • Mobilizes success with ease
  • Empowers you to create greatness in others

Amy Baltzell, Ed.D., is a High-Performance Coach for executives, athletes and sport coaches. She is a speaker, author, and mindfulness facilitator. Her consulting is fueled by a unique combination her experiences as an Olypmic and Professional athlete, collegiate sport coach, professor of Sport Psychology for 20 years. Amy is the author of 5 books and creator of an empirically validated Meditation Training program for sport, Mindful Meditation Training in Sport.

Amy offers accelerated transformational Coaching for Executives, Sport Coaches and Athletes. She has an unique ability to identify and leverage her clients strengths and gifts in the service of achieving their visions and goals. Drawing on her world renowned expertise in mindfulness + performance, she indentifies and aids clients in performing with more poise and efficiency.

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