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At Courageous Thinking Inc. we inspire, challenge and guide adventurous leaders to achieve their goals, develop life-long learning and create meaningful legacy.

There are three overarching questions that create success in any change environment:

Where Are we now?

Get PERSPECTIVE – Mountain A
Before we determine where we want to go and how we can best get there – we MUST know the reality of who and where we are – RIGHT NOW. Who are we at our core? Our history, assumptions, success and failures, risk, constraints and more, all create a robust multi-dimensional picture of the reality of our life or of our organization. We guide you through a diagnostic process to separate perceptions from reality – exposing success-limiting barriers and breaking down resource draining silos which inhibit growth and innovation. Once we are fully in perspective, we can THEN ask ourselves…

Where Are We Going?

Where Are we going?

Create VISION – Mountain B
Breakthrough thinking occurs when we create a constructive place for people to bring their best ideas, assumptions, concerns and input to the collective table in order to create a dynamic aligned reality. Previously unseen connections emerge and a new exciting picture comes into view. We are able to collectively define ‘success.’ This new vision is owned and embraced by the individual or team and is the foundation for moving on to create the execution plan, structure and process to achieve and exceed our goals.

how are we going to get there?

Doing the work – the Valley
Once we are clearly in perspective and have defined success – we can develop and dig into the gap plan to achieve our vision. This plan must be strategic as well as operationally and financially sound. To get there we identify and prioritize opportunities, risks, constraints, objectives, performance drivers and core strategic assumptions. What we plan, we must resource and measure. What we resource and measure – we achieve, whether it be in our individual lives or our organizations.

A plan built on truth is destined to succeed.

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