Linda Lindquist-Bishop

Linda Lindquist is president of Courageous Thinking Inc. She facilitates strategic clarity and alignment for leadership teams and individuals in times of transition as the foundation for making the best decisions to achieve success. Combining her athletic and business expertise, Linda creates dynamic speaking and teaching experiences for her clients… learn more


Amy Baltzell

Amy Baltzell, Ed.D., is a High-Performance Coach for executives, athletes and sport coaches. She is a speaker, author, and mindfulness facilitator. Her consulting is fueled by a unique combination her experiences as an Olypmic and Professional athlete, collegiate sport coach, professor of Sport Psychology for 20 years, author of 5 books and creator of an empirically validated Meditation Training program for sport, Mindful Meditation Training in Sport… learn more

Drew Petersen

Drew Petersen, professional skier and year-round mountain athlete shares his passion for skiing and adventure with others. Recently Drew started using his elite athlete platform to address issues of mental health. He believes in the power of story to change our entire culture surrounding mental health and he starts with his own. I invite you to watch his film UPS + DOWNS, read his Outside Magazine article and explore the resources he provides. I found diving into Drew’s world to be a great education and awakening for me and how I can better understand those with whom I work, live and play... learn more

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Linda Lindquist

Linda Lindquist
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