X-Spotlight: Katie Pettibone

From Katie’s Blog:

The Omani women sailors have come a LONG way… and want to keep sailing ☺

Of course we want a good result but for the goal of the team and what it was meant to achieve, Al Thurya has been a success. The Omani women who have raced with us on this race have been exemplary and hard-working. They have shown that Arabic women can do this just as well as their male counterparts. The offshore coach asked the women what they wanted to do and they told him they wanted to continue to do MORE.


Moving on is a BIG step – training and sailing with men……

He wanted to know if they would want to train with the men’s team

With only two legs left, talk and thoughts have turned towards the end and what happens next…………

Come follow Katie Pettibone’s Blog as she competes in the  Sailing Arabia Tour 2012 .

Katie is the only American in a group of seven elite Western women sailors who have been traveling to  Oman since October 2011 to help mentor and coach the Oman women in preparation for the Sailing Arabia Tour 2012, which began February 12th.

Omani Women's Team - credit Lloyd Images

Katie’s extensive racing experience spans three  America’s Cups, two Volvo Round the World Races, a Tour de France a La Voile, the Women’s Match Race Circuit and an Olympic Yingling campaign.  Recently working for Arnold Schwartzenegger in the Governor’s office she is currently the Legislative Director at the Civil Justice Association of California http://www.cjac.orge

I first met Katie when she was a mere 19, the youngest member of our America3 Women’s America’s Cup team.  We joined up again in the Tour de France a La Voile – the predecessor to the Sailing Arabia Tour. It’s a thrill to see Katie using her elite sailing and leadership skills to mentor young women in Oman!

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