Frozen Boats: Europe Buckles Under Deep Freeze

Thank goodness the Sailing Arabia Tour is SOUTH of the record-breaking cold snap that continues to stop northern Europe in its tracks.

To view more of Charles Michel’s extraordinary photos of the ice storm damage in Lake Geneva, visit Show | YACHT.DE.

While the photos are spectacularly dramatic the problem is very real and severe across northern Europe:

Across the Atlantic, much of Europe is suffering through a winter of historic — and deadly — proportions. Over 600 people have died from the intense cold that has gripped the continent over the past few weeks, with the most severe toll recorded in Eastern Europe. Over 5,000 Russians have suffered from hypothermia or frostbite while the country has seen 20 days of unusually cold weather when temperatures fell 13°F to 25°F below normal and Moscow on Feb. 13 endured temperatures of -4°F. (It could be worse though — temperatures in the northern Russian city of Toko fell to -63°F.) In Central Europe, the commercially vital Danube River froze for hundreds of miles, from Austria to its mouth in the Black Sea, forcing officials to take chain saws to the ice. Things are so bad in Hungary that the central bank has been compressing billions of old notes into briquettes that can be burned for heat. If the climate’s still warming — and it is — word didn’t get to Europe… continue reading on