TEDex Talk, A Mountain of Courage by Linda Lindquist-Bishop, Courageous Thinking, Inc.

A Mountain of Courage

atching ‘A Mountain of Courage’ you will learn more about my personal journey – the journey that led me to create Courageous Thinking Inc. Every day I am energized by the challenge of assisting adventurous leaders who seek excellence in their personal growth, and strive for success in their organizations.

Google Glass

The Hail Mary of Innovation: Google X

Inside the halls of Google X lies a very different organizational culture, structure and breed of people that are developing, trying to break and launching new breakthrough technology. Take a look:

New York Stock Exchange

The $136 Billion Tweet – Ouch!

Our digital age has equipped us with tools we do not fully know how to use and has opened up caverns of liability that we are only just getting a glimpse of as incidents like last week’s fake tweet that caused the Stock Market to plummet.