X-Exit Planning | Navix

Our Mission

Our mission is helping closely held businesses plan for and execute successful exits: achieving financial freedom, creating a sustainable legacy, and exiting on their own terms.

Why We Exist

We believe that closely held business owners make the world a freer place by creating jobs, serving customers, innovating markets, paying taxes, and expanding the economy.

We witness that the owner’s very success traps them in their businesses; they are unable to reach personal financial freedom or create a sustainable business legacy without achieving a successful exit. However, the standard experience for owners is personal stress, excessive taxes and costs, concern for key employees and customers, and fear they will be unable to exit on their own terms. Poor exit preparation or execution puts all that the owner has achieved at risk.

We strive to break the status quo, helping owners achieve financial freedom, create a sustained business legacy, and exit on their own terms.


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