Speaking and teaching are core to the way we deliver impact. We must create awareness of key issues, lexicon and frameworks before diving into change and fix. We believe in equipping people to navigate change as a continuous business and life paradigm.

Linda speakingLinda Lindquist-Bishop

Speaking to diverse audiences Linda Lindquist-Bishop shares sailing, aviation and other adventure stories as the multi-media back drop for teaching change, leadership and what it takes to develop high performing individuals and teams. With lessons gained from competing on world championship teams, combined with 25+ years in corporate boardrooms, Linda inspires and challenges groups to uncover, and communicate, their ‘best selves’ to create high-achieving teams and organizations.

A Mountain of Courage – TEDx Traverse City, Michigan  |  May 2014

Success starts with Perspective – Building a strong foundation for change
High Performing Teams – There is no ‘I’ in team, but there is a “ME’
Living our Biggest Life – A privilege and responsibility
Diversity – It’s value proposition in organizations

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