Today we are somewhere.

We have achieved something and have a view from where we are right now. We will call that Mountain A


  1. Whether we are in a job, graduating from high school or college, in a relationship or learning a new skill, we can ALWAYS see something ‘over there’ from the top of Mountain A- another Mountain Top. We will call that Mountain B.
  2. Mountain B might be crystal clear, fuzzy or completely undefined – but it is there.
  3. The Challenge – there is no gondola between the tops of Mountains A & B. To get to the top of B you MUST choose to go DOWN into the Valley.
  4. Fear – Looking down into the valley from where you are now, most people experience some level of fear as they know they are going to have to give up things to go down in the valley and climb Mountain B. It might be a job, customers, markets, title, community, friends, stuff – even location.
  5. Valley – Where the work gets done:
  • Gain and learn how to maintain perspective as the basis of decision making
  • Develop new process and skills
  • Identity clarification and alignment
  • Confidence / Trust in team / self
  • Build Structure for the next phase of growth / experience
  • Time compression- Gaining perspective on what got you to the top of Mountain A, allows you to significantly decrease your path to success of Mountain B.

All work is done through process.
All great work is done through great process.

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